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This site is owned and published by Cyber InfoInvest reg. (the Publisher). Our mission is to promote the creation and distribution of objective information for the independent investor. Our site does not accept financing, advertising, or any other financial assistance from banks, insurance companies, stock brokers (what we also call investment dealers) or investment advisors.

Our founder, Marc J. Ryan , worked several years for a securities market regulator, then for over a quarter century as securities counsel for two blue chip Canadian securities issuers.

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Many people do not consistently monitor their investments. They put their money away and fail to look every day, or even week, or even every year to see how their investments are doing. If the investments are invested for a child, it could be twenty years. If this describes you, then investing in the market averages solves the problem. The goal here is to pick an index fund and stick with it for life. There is no requirement that you actively monitor, or trade, your investments. Mac Barnes