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Self reliance is a virtue.

For your tomorrow, save today.

Every dollar counts- eliminating investment expenses is very important.

Looking for help to pick next year’s stock winners (the individual stock selection method) and “beat the market”? You are at the wrong place.

Our approach: Invest across the stock market generally (what others call passive or index investing).

We believe in collective investment vehicles called exchange traded funds (ETFs) to invest in the stock market (rather than traditional actively-managed mutual funds).

We also recommend direct purchasing of bonds (especially provincial government bonds) rather than through collective investment vehicles.

Optimizing the use of your RRSP through careful investing in bonds and other appropriate assets.

It’s your after-tax return that counts- we will help you to manage your investments accordingly.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 January 2008 )
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The ultimate separately managed account:  Investors using them are afforded complete customization and maximum flexibility, allowing them to tailor-make portfolios of directly owned securities precisely suited to each unique need. Risk tolerance, time horizon, tax and estate planning requirements, sector exposure, philanthropic desires and personnal preference can all be accommodated in these accounts. What are these perfect separately managed accounts? There called brokerage accounts. John C. Helmer, Caldwell Securities.