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Our objective is to cover a multitude of theoretical and practical subjects on self investing. For a better understanding of the scope of our site, see Information- List of 44 topics on this home page.

Explain how the independent investor can react given the level of concentration of the Canadian financial system, and encourage regulatory reforms.

Why so much information?

  • No one said self investing was easy.
  • To help you change your ways towards investment selecting and expense management, especially to stay the course in the face of an avalanche of advertising by the financial system.

We want to learn with you. We both appreciate and welcome your comments on every aspect of our site – to build on its strengths and to correct its weaknesses.
Last Updated ( Monday, 07 January 2008 )
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Read, watch and listen all you want, because there is no more fascinating, dynamic and surprising show in the world. But never forget that intelligent investing has nothing to do with the daily market show. You can’t learn to hit a forehand like Roger Federer by reading a tennis magazine. And you can’t learn to invest like Warren Buffet by reading a newspaper or watching TV. Henry Blodget.