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Recent mentions in the media:

20 12 2012- From Fair Canada newsletter :  In 2008, Mr. Ryan founded, a bilingual internet site which publishes information for individual investors. This website is a terrific resource for investors, and FAIR Canada encourages investors to use the information it provides.

November 2012- Marc J. Ryan appointed to Fair Canada board- press release doc.2155E

October 19 2010- includes our site in one of its few favorite independent neutral non-vendor websites that offer the Canadian DIY investor, in a manner akin to online books, broad, structured educational content on key investment areas. Describes our site as follows:

- (free registration required but they don't sell anything) describes the gamut of common investments equities, fixed income, alternative investments, ETFs, mutual funds; focus on how to protect yourself - advice on dealing with brokers, articles on scams, regulation, costs and industry malpractices; also discusses registered accounts (RRSPs etc) and taxes

October 6 2010- Site included in list of sources of investing information in articles by Paul Barker, published in The Vancouver Sun or as a PDF doc.1843 and in the National Post or as a PDF doc.1844.

October 6 2010- Mention in article by Paul Barker on foreign trading accounts offered by TD Waterhouse, published in The Gazette (Montreal) or as a PDF doc.1842.

The founder of the Canadian website describes the creation of the new service as a positive move, but adds investors should read all the fine print before they sign on. "It's good to have more options," says Marc Ryan, a Montreal investment expert. "Whether it's right for particular investors is another matter. It will be up to them to decide, but at least they have the choice." Ryan, a lawyer and former executive with the Quebec Securities Commission, says: "I'm not a believer in individual stock picking. If this is a way of facilitating retail investors to invest in exchange-traded funds that are traded on foreign exchanges and the MER (management expense ratio) is better (than elsewhere), then that is great. "However, if the intent is to encourage people to do stock picking on markets halfway around the world, well, many already blow their brains out doing that in Toronto or New York."  

 September 28, 2010- Mention in Globe & Mail ROB p.B18 by Marlene Habib. Article Heed online advice at your peril or as PDF doc.1839:

Independent Investor, run by Marc Ryan., doesn't accept advertising or financial assistance from banks, insurance companies, stock brokers or investment advisers. Mr. Ryan worked for a Canadian securities regulator and as a securities counsel. He says the site identifies many myths in the financial system, including the dream of "beating the market" through individual stock selection.


-February 10 2010- Mentions in Toronto Star articles by Madhavi Acharya and Tom Yew

---Mention in article doc.1535X entitled Where to go for the best free online investment advice. Marc Ryan aims to provide independent information to do-it-yourself investors.The site offers the basics on investing and members receive a weekly newsletter. Membership is free.


...too much information can be a detriment to investors because it can encourage them to trade too often, even those who say they are building a long-term portfolio, said Mark Ryan, who runs "We're bombarded with information encouraging us to think we know the direction of the market generally. People make predictions on whether the Dow is going to be up or down in six months. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to predict stock markets and yet we're tossed lots of information encouraging us to believe in that," Ryan said. "The typical investor turns over their portfolio within three years. That's a long way from long-term investing." Source: article doc.1535

Marc Ryan aims to provide independent information to do-it-yourself investors.The site offers the basics on investing and members receive a weekly newsletter. Membership is free. "I'm not associated with any financial institution. I'm not selling any products. I don't manage anybody's portfolio. I'm doing it as a retirement project and to provide information," Ryan said."The first reason you come to my site is you want information on investing that is unbiased, independent, objective. Secondly it's for do-it-yourself investors, and that's not for everyone."Source: article doc.1536

January 2010- Rob Carrick's Guide to What's Good Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today, 2010, Doubleday Canada, p. 196-197; see   text doc.1534Carrick

...Ryan makes clear from the start that if you read the material on the website, you're getting unbised information from a source that has no ties to bankers, brokers or insurers...lots of pop up boxes to explain sure to sign up for the weekly newsletter that he sends out to keep readers abreast of new material..

31 03 2008- The Gazette daily newspaper(Canwest-Montreal):  text doc.918AP1
...dedicated to providing individual investors with independent, objective, free advice and information...

30 05 2008- Rob Carrick, financial journalist with The Globe & Mail, describes our site in a G&M Investor Gold service posting doc.930 (you may also find the link here) as one of four educational websites that offer the unbiased, clearly written material that busy investors need….The founder of this new educational site, Marc Ryan, has worked both in the securities industry and as a regulator. Material is organized according to topics such as “cost of investing,” “equities,” and “taxation,” and additional articles of interest are posted on the homepage. The emphasis here is on providing information for do-it-yourself investors.

02 08 2008- Noreen Rasbach Globe & Mail journalist, in an article on ETF experts, states doc.1013 (see also link here): Marc Ryan, a retired securities lawyer who has launched the very informative and accessible website

03 08 2008- Ellen Roseman, journalist with the Toronto Star, in an article doc.1014 (also see link here) on investment information sources headed Patience,perspective and success included the following reference to our site: Marc Ryan, a Montreal lawyer and former executive with the Quebec Securities Commission, launched a website ( this year for independent investors.

Fall 2008- notice doc.1123 of our site launching in McGill News, McGill University.

ongoing-  internet sites which link to my site.

15 03 2008  Les Affaires weekly (french) : text doc.918
...publishes free information on all aspects of investing...

1 05 2008- AffairesPlus monthly magazine (french): text doc.918APlus2 (slow download) or  text doc.918APlus1 (fast download)
... a complete site for investors as well as for traders...provides an overall view of investing..

1 10 2008- AffairesPlus monthly magazine (french): text  doc.1093 article by Gilles Drouin on ETF's....if ETF's did not exist, we would have to invent them...

March 2009- Actualité monthly magazine (french); article doc.1212 by François Guérard on cautious investors

12 02 2009- radio interview on the business program L'Heure des Comptes on the french language network of CBC.

July 2009- two TV interviews on the french language CanalArgent business news network: video1 (Earl Jones affair) and video2 (financial planning).


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You hear it at the   turn of every year, sure as noisemakers- the assertion that the coming year will usher in a <stock picker’s market>. Usually, this worn nugget is spoken by a fund manager who is paid a generous fee for picking stocks, of course. More often than not, too, it’s uttered with more hope than conviction. Michael Santoli