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This site should be considered as one source among many of investment information for the independent investor. It does not constitute a course on investing in general or on independent investing in particular. It is based primarily on our experience and limited knowledge of investing, taxation and the other subject matters covered in the site.

The information on this site is given AS IS and is not guaranteed in any way. In particular, the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed- nor is the information on the other sites or sources to which the site refers or the comments of readers posted on the site.

There can be no assurance that the information here or on those other sites or sources is appropriate to the individual circumstances of each reader. What is best for one person may not for another. A reference to another site or source does not constitute an endorsement of the opinions or facts expressed on such other site or source.

Every investment necessarily involves the possibility of important risks. You must therefore evaluate your own level of tolerance to risk (as well as the nature of the risks which you accept) before taking an investment decision.

This site is intended for independent, do-it-yourself or self-investors. The necessary effort to acquire a good basic understanding of investing is not within everyone’s grasp. To the extent a reader is not certain of his abilities, or is not satisfied that he is in a position to make investment decisions in a knowledgeable manner, he should seek, as the case may be, the advice of an expert in securities, taxation, legal matters or accounting. At the risk of repeating oneself: in case of doubt, get expert advice.

The information on this site is general in nature and is not a recommendation to purchase or sell any particular security. In addition, it is recommended to read the entire content of the site to understand the information in any particular section. Do not purchase any specific security solely on the basis of this site. You must do your own research before investing.

This site is under continuous construction; no responsibility is assumed by the Publisher to provide or to keep up-to-date the information on this site or otherwise. Any particular information may be updated on one point but not on others.

The Publisher of this site, its employees, directors and officers, and any others who contribute to it (including by submitting comments which are reproduced on the site) may invest in the market and it is possible that from time to time they may have positions (long or short) in securities which are mentioned.

The Publisher of this site, its employees, directors and officers, and any others who contribute to it (including by submitting comments which are reproduced on the site) are not liable for any damages that you may suffer in using or in relying on the information on this site.

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We do not believe people can time market exits and entries to achieve superior returns. If people could do that, then some clever market timer would start a mutual fund called the Market Timer Fund and beat the market, and we could all give him, or her, our money to invest. Mac Barnes