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I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletter.It is a very reasoned approach to all of the issues you address and most/all of these issues are important to me as a retiree.Thank you! David S., Manitoba

I love your newletters, by the way, and always read every word. I sure appreciate all the hard work you must put into it. Ann 

Thanks,just the sort of general guidance I was hoping you could give;I appreciate it. Your correct of course, in that in the end,its the individual investor who has to decide. Thats what makes your journal such an asset (pun intended ) to all those who want to invest their own money and, not rely on an broker or some other third party. Ray, Calgary area.

I just finished reading your newsletter on Dividend Investing. I found it quite informative and helpful……I also found your overall web site equally interesting and helpful. Lots of interesting insights in areas that I have been through. Wish I had discovered your site sooner! Art H. Kingston area

I work in the financial services 'industry'. Yes, the industry with such a lovely reputation .. some would liken to graverobbers and arsonists.  A few of us do our best to serve the interests of clients.  With that in mind , your website - and convictions - is read, and better, appreciated. Keep up the good work.D.H., British Columbia

What a gem of a website for an independent investor!I saw your interview and the reference in the Prince George Citizen and at first thought it was probably too good to be what it was purported to be. In a world where it seems everyone in the investing world is trying to pry money out my pocket you have provided such a well organized comprehensive resource for the little guy trying to scratch out a nest egg. One Sunday afternoon has provided common sense answers to many many questions that are difficult to find in a single resource. Thanks for your effort and congratulations on the result. J.B., British Columbia

Just to say that I find your newsletter extremely informative, concise and well written. I look forward to each and every one of your updates and regularly go back and reread past issues. Keep them coming and thank you. D.A., Montreal

I read your article in the Montreal Gazette today, and joined your site.I have recently become my own "planner" …I know quite a bit, read a lot etc, and so your site will help me even further. My DG.UN is now worth about $2500, and hopefully I won't lose it all...but it has taught me a huge lesson, not to buy anything I don't understand. My financial planner didn't even know what she was selling.Thank you for your information.I also watch BNN a lot, read Globeinvestor etc. L.S

Thank-you for the constant stream of info.--I look forward to receiving every newsletter!! R.M., Montreal

Thank you for your great news letter. I have been finding it to be very informative and helpful.C.J., Saskatchewan

This is only my 2nd newsletter since I joined. Thank you, really informative and I like all the links to various information mentioned in the newsletter.I.P.

I agree with you about how the financial and regulatory system is not very responsive to the needs of self-directed investors. ...I do believe that these companies often forget that we as investors have watched our pennies and dollars to invest in these companies and hope to grow in total value rather than CEO & director compensation at the expense of the regular shareholders. I have never received a 'thanks for your opinion' from any of these emails, so I can only beleive that these comments are not appreciated. However, I will continue them and hope some companies will listen.
Keep up the good work with the Independent Investor...I like the idea of a regular, perhaps monthly commentary on how different companies have responded to investor watchfulness or how Canadian companies have been transparent and good to their investors. That would be of great interest to me, as I have no ability like Warren Buffet, to interview or get to know these CEOs. Thanks for your efforts to bring more information and insite to investors. Much appreciated.TC

Keep up the good work on mutual fund regulation in Canada. There are way too many fat cats at the top of almost every big business. The US banks are just the tip of the iceberg.Thank you for your website, it has been my best source of info! JL, Montreal

My husband and I have discussed annuities recently as there has been some pressure by sales people for us to buy into them. However, I have not been able to find a solid reason to buy them, as we have enough money to do the things we want plus extra. However, I wondered if we were missing the point about annuities or not understanding their importance. But after reading your information and realizing that "There are two basic reasons for not buying an annuity" according to your newsletter, I am more convinced than ever not to buy into this. Thanks for providing this information, as it has helped me define what I am thinking.Thanks.TC, Saskatchewan

I love your site, by the way.  It's an excellent resource for who, in our case, is a couple looking at doing more of our own investing. Thank-you for your efforts; I can imagine that this takes a lot of of your time to do. Heather, somewhere in North America

Enjoy the informative nature of your site. LC, McGill Universaity

I've been a reader to this site since the beginning.I find the site well organized and very informative.Your book reviews/critiques are so well done.Si je ne te paie pas pour cette information et alors comment est-ce que c'est profitable pour toi?Thank-you,your work is much appreciated. Don

Un mot pour te dire que j’apprécie beaucoup tes infocourriels. J’endosse tout à fait la prémisse à l’effet que le système financier et réglementaire est peu sympathique, pour ne pas dire plus, aux besoins des petits investisseurs. L’idée de démarrer par la citation du jour est aussi fort originale, puisqu’elle permet souvent de faire la jonction avec la sagesse populaire, sagesse que le commentaire publié sur le site cherchait justement à revaloriser. M.G., Montréal

Je suis allé sur le site et le trouve intéressant.Je m'étais écrit une note de rechercher plus d'informations sur le CELI et j'ai trouvé tout ce que je voulais sur le site. G.G., Montréal.

Votre site m'apparaît être des plus intéressant et formateur. A+
J., Montréal

Merci pour votre site, je l'apprécie grandement et lui souhaite longue vie. G.G., Québec

Bravo pour votre site. Je suis un nouveau membre et j'apprécie beaucoup votre approche par thèmes. C. D., Montréal

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